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06 August 2018 / By wellbody
I cannot begin to tell you how many ‘health’ books line my shelves. I don’t actually have enough shelves for all the books, so there are piles of said healthy books stacked in corners around the house. Every time someone tells me about an ‘amazing’ health book, I pop right onto my amazon app and I buy it. Seriously, that’s what happens. It’s so easy. Thank you amazon. 

There’s something 99% of these books has in common… a focus on something. Whether its counting carbs, counting calories, avoiding grains, avoiding meat, 30 minutes a day cardio, a specific heart rate… They all have a specific focus. The magic recipe to recreate you into a skinny, beautiful, vibrant woman.

But I feel like we’re entering a different time… OR, rather. Let me speak for myself. I am entering a different time. A lot of truths that I grew up with are not truths anymore. I was raised by two health care professionals who were very much paying attention to what was ‘healthy’… and yet, I grew up eating fake butter, drinking diet soda and I’m pretty sure my only dinner for years was mac n cheese and then ramen. YUCK! Processed foods, fake sugars and fear of fat was (is) REAL. In my practice I still see how edgy that is for some, because it’s been their truth. I would argue that the majority of our population is still stuck on fat-free, counting calories and never ever ever gonna eat butter. I read studies and reports that show things I consider to be healthy or things I consider to be unhealthy, to be the opposite of what I know to be true. WHaaaa?! Frustrating,  right?! So, what’s what?! What diet do even you trust? Who do you believe? Where do you put your focus? For the love, can we shift this conversation?! Let’s rein things in and get back to the basics. I’m talking primal-like thought. How does the food you eat make you feel? (Does it get any simpler than that?) We’ve gotten so wrapped up in how many points, how many calories, how many carbs, how much fat, how much protein, organic, not organic, meat, no meat… that we’ve forgotten the most important factor of all. How the F do you feel?


This might be really difficult for many people. Taping into how you feel requires that you feel. Ha! I know that sounds ridiculous, but for those of you out there who get it, you get it. Now listen… If you cannot handle feeling, you’re certainly not alone and should absolutely not feel shame about that. That said, you are facing an uphill battle no doubt and I beg you to stick with it because feeling is a very important, crucial, first step. So, start there, if that’s what’s up.

The second step (after feeling) is to listen to HOW you feel. I’m not necessarily talking about right in the moment of eating/drinking. I had a patient retort that drinking 3 glasses of wine feeeeeeels great in response to this. Similarly, the sugar rush you get from a piece of cake might feel pretty damn good. But when you tap in to how you feel, you have to check in with yourself longer than just in that second of time. After eating a piece of cake, most likely you will start to get a little grumbly in your tummy, or you might be a little shorter to temper, or you may get a weird rash the following day. No, not you? I would encourage you to pay attention next time. Similarly, with a few glasss of wine, you may feel amazing for a few hours but you likely will not sleep that great and the next day you may very well find yourself either weepy or pissy (or both!). If your goal is to thrive, you don’t want that glass of wine or that piece of cake because it will not allow you to reach your goal. Easier said than done, I know. This is not a process that happens over night. You need to get the wine and eat the cake once, twice, maybe three, or one hundred times before you start shifting the initial choice. But! IF you aren’t paying attention to what that correlation is and focusing on thriving for your health, you will never make the proper changes. That’s a fact.

Does this leave you feeling more lost? Totally A-Ok! Stay tuned for the next blog which starts to give a little direction if you need it. Some of us don’t even know what thriving is and you need to experience that first so you can figure out what helps get you closest to it… 

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