I am a Wellbody woman; Andrea Ridder

19 September 2017 / By wellbody

I am a wellbody woman; Andrea Ridder

Andrea Ridder founded Wunder Juice in 2014 after two close family members were diagnosed with cancer. Wunder Juice came out of her passion to help people heal on a cellular level. She believes that humanity is becoming more of who they are on a soullular level and that our bodies are craving pure, organic delicious fuel to operate at the highest level.

On Tribe: How do you keep balance with your tribe and everything else in life?
Andrea: Balance is something I am constantly finessing. Tribe is huge for me- my tribe at home, my crew in Colorado and Indiana. I balance by asking what I need first, then what needs to happen at home and then how I show up in the world for others. Am I balanced? Not sure yet.

If I am going to get off, I want to enjoy it and then saddle up again

-Andrea Ridder

On Movement: What are your yin and yang styles of movement
Andrea: I love to not move and be still. Sit, think, meditate. Yoga and walking. Conversely, I spin and kinda hate it but it’s really good for me and just love Orange Theory which is some serious movement.

On Food: When you fall off track with your food choices, how do you get back on?
Andrea: I have become psycho about food over the last few years and now giving myself some space. Reality is that I love food and when I over indulge- usually on the weekend- I get back on track on Monday. If I am going to get off, I want to enjoy it and then saddle up again.

I have a friend who says 80% clean 20% other. More than anything, I want to be cool with the choices I make and not have regrets. Who wants to have the extra glass or pastry then feel like crap about it? Waste of time.

I need my time to be with Spirit and then I am nicer to everyone


On Love: What is the number one way you give love to yourself?
Andrea: I wake up before my kids and meditate with my hot chocolate. I need my time to be with Spirit and then I am nicer to everyone.

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