I am a Wellbody Woman; Jennifer Watson

04 December 2017 / By wellbody

I am a wellbody woman; Jennifer Watson

Jennifer Watson MPT, I.M.T,C. is a passionate and dynamic motivational speaker with a gift for intuitive & visionary coaching.  She is an expert in leadership & entrepreneurial skills development, movement  & change adaptation, and self-empowerment.

On Tribe: 3 tips for creating tribe?

1. Your tribe is often in unexpected places.  Don’t limit yourself to
all “like-minded” people. I have learned the most from people that are
definately polar opposite from me in every way.  Differences give you
so much depth, perspective, kindness and power in ways you couldn’t
even imagine.
2. Your tribe does not have to be a million people!  I’m an introvert
so 3 people in my tribe is a stretch!  When “two or more are
gathered…” there is a lot of movement that can happen in Fabulous
3. If you’re too much for them then they are not enough for you.  Drop
the people that are not interested in supporting you…period.

drop the people that are not interested in supporting you…. period. 

-Jennifer Watson

On Movement: The top 2-3 ways that you love to move
1. I ran track collegiately so running has always been in my blood.
There is something really organic about strapping on a pair of shoes
and having a date with nature.  Feeling my body move in & out on
different trails & scenery makes me feel not only powerful but
connected to this earth…ultimately connected to who I am.
2. But I also love any kind of “Rocky” strengthening.  I love using my
body to get stronger such as yoga, functional fitness, dance.  Unlike
running, which revs me up, this kind of activity centers me.  I am a
true “balls to the wall” kind of girl so I need activities like this
to pull me into a calmer space…one that allows me to see other sides
of me…it’s pretty cool. 🙂

On Food: What does clean eating mean to you?
Jennifer: Clean eating to me is truly about following your spiritual path!  How
food is connected to your spiritual self is pretty profound.  I have
found a “sweet spot” with the food that keeps me grounded, peaceful,
centered, and keeps me on track with my goals and healthy boundaries.
When I eat food my body doesn’t like all that truly goes to heck in a
hand basket!  BUT listen all of us fall off the band-wagon sometimes
and life is not about staying on a “perfect” path.  I just know when I
fall off I need to nurture & support myself with goodness.

NOTE TO SELF: not everyone is going to like you!

-Jennifer Watson

On Love: Does loving yourself mean saying no more or saying yes more?
Jennifer: I’m definately a believer in saying NO more then saying YES.  It’s a
tough concept for us especially as women are true givers.  But as they
say with age (I earned these wrinkles!) comes wisdom.  I have gotten
better at creating healthy boundaries, being authentic… and heaven
forbid, realizing I don’t have to be perfect.  NOTE TO SELF: not
everyone is going to like you! And you can’t please everyone!  You
have to let this go because it’s a race you’ll never win.  Saying NO
protects and develops your true self.  Stick with the NO if that’s
truly where you gut is taking you and the right people will continue
to support you.
God guides me truly every day on this and reminds me that I can be
honest and kind, boundaries and beautiful.  And I think that is truly
why God invented days…if we screw it up we have a fresh slate to
start the process again. 🙂

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