I am a Wellbody Woman; Sara Leger

13 June 2018 / By wellbody

I am a wellbody woman; Sara Leger

Sara Leger is an Experience Curator passionate about building community, women’s issues, and wellness.

Her core belief is centered around valuing and investing in experiences over material things. Her Experiences range from wellness retreats, secret suppers, adventure expeditions, trips, workshops, etc. Sara is also available for consulting services (retreat planning, product/service promotion through experiences, etc.) and will be announcing some exciting experiences very soon. Follow her on Facebook at @LegerExperiences or on Instagram at @SaraLeger_

On Tribe: 2 tips for creating tribe?

Sara: Who we surround ourselves with is critical to our happiness. We are the sum of those around us – so choose wisely. I tend to seek out positive women who lift me up and inspire me, which typically I can find in places like the gym, or at a like-minded networking event, etc. I used to think it’s all about the number of friends you have, but now I realize it’s the quality of the connection that matters. Your tribe doesn’t need to be large, but the connection authentic and mutually beneficial.

“We are the sum of those around us – so choose wisely”

-Sara Leger

On Movement: Top 2-3 ways you love to move?

Sara: Hiking and Yoga – I love the outdoors and feel so at peace there. Yoga also is active but helps me to relax and be mindful. Dancing, while I don’t do it very often, is a HUGE release. It’s also super fun and make me lighten up and remember to enjoy lifes little pleasures.


On Food: When you fall off track with your food choices, how do you get back on?

Sara: This is a toughy, as I still struggle with this. I think not beating yourself up and doing a mini reset (for me it’s eliminating trigger foods) just for a week or so. I think balance is also super key here. No one can or in my opinion even should eat clean 100% of the time. Sometimes, you go for that cupcake, and sometimes you crave the kale salad. It’s balance.

Not beating yourself up and doing a mini reset just for a week or so.

-Sara Leger

On Love: How do you balance self care into your schedule?

Sara: I have been working hard on this lately. I take baths, even just 15 minutes, writing in my journal, meditating first thing in the morning. These little changes are making a huge difference on my state of mind and happiness. When I take time for myself I feel so much more able to take care of others.


Photo cred: @ashleyturner

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