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The Wellbody Woman blog is a combination of articles written by Wellbody Woman, as well as interviews with real women about their personal journeys. While each woman’s experience or reflection may not align with the values of our company, we value the importance of a platform to share. We would like to add that Wellbody Woman is an All-Inclusive company for any religion, sexual orientation, ethnic background or other walk of life, as long as you are respectful of others. We hold no space for hateful speech, ever. We hope that you enjoy the content we put out, as well as the words shared by other women!

Focus to Thrive

I cannot begin to tell you how many ‘health’ books line my shelves. I don’t actually have enough shelves for all the books, so there are piles of said healthy books stacked in corners around the house. Every time someone tells me about an ‘amazing’ health book, I pop right onto my amazon app and […]

I am a Wellbody Woman; Sara Leger

I am a wellbody woman; Sara Leger Sara Leger is an Experience Curator passionate about building community, women’s issues, and wellness. Her core belief is centered around valuing and investing in experiences over material things. Her Experiences range from wellness retreats, secret suppers, adventure expeditions, trips, workshops, etc. Sara is also available for consulting services […]

I am a Wellbody woman; Alexis Kanda-Olmstead

I am a wellbody woman; Alexis Kanda-Olmstead I serve as the Managing Director for Talent, Training & Support at Colorado State University. In this role, I lead diversity and inclusion efforts, manage career and professional development initiatives, and deliver learning programs for 150 staff in the division of University Advancement. Prior to talent management, I […]

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