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The Wellbody Woman blog is a combination of articles written by Wellbody Woman, as well as interviews with real women about their personal journeys. While each woman’s experience or reflection may not align with the values of our company, we value the importance of a platform to share. We would like to add that Wellbody Woman is an All-Inclusive company for any religion, sexual orientation, ethnic background or other walk of life, as long as you are respectful of others. We hold no space for hateful speech, ever. We hope that you enjoy the content we put out, as well as the words shared by other women!

I Am a Wellbody Woman; Janet Johnston

I Am a Wellbody Woman; Janet Johnston Hello!  I’m Janet and I live with my husband Mike in a 117 year old house in Denver.  We are child-free and just recently adopted a rescue dog named Chai.  The name is fitting as we started our business, Savory Spice, 13 years ago when we moved here from Chicago.  Denver […]

I am a Wellbody woman; Debi Kennison

I am a wellbody woman; Debi Kennison Debi Kennison is a certified Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Movement Therapist with a penchant for all things Spiritual. She also recently co-founded Our Goddess Movement, in order to highlight the ‘ordinary’ women among us, and to share the wisdom every woman has within her. She believes we […]

I am a well body Woman; Libby Lyons

I am a wellbody woman; Libby Lyons Libby has been teaching for 10 years and finds the most joy in teaching vinyasa, where she can blend all the trainings she has taken over the years to create something that is unique, intelligent, challenging, compassionate, and perhaps most important to her, fun. On Tribe: What are 2-5 […]

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