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We support and nurture the women we are, on the outside and within — and continue to set goals for the women we have yet to fully become.

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Emma Goulart | Founder of  Wellbody Woman

Having grown up in an all female household of strong women, learning self-love came more naturally for me. Even still, as I’ve gotten older, I realize that its an ongoing conversation where pep talks must be had and language must be changed. I’ve watched friends go to extremes to change their body in that desire for self acceptance and I wish somehow there was a more open dialogue about how best to navigate that path. Because of this struggle for love, an unhealthy relationship can develop with food or fitness and when girlfriends could be paramount for support here, they often tear each other down instead. Enter: Wellbody Woman and the four pillars of Love, Food, Movement and Tribe.


The motivation to create Wellbody woman was driven by several layers of personal experience. A realization that through clean food choices and specific lifestyle changes, I could profoundly improve the quality of my life. And yet, I still found myself with one major missing link. Feeling the void of my closest girlfriends, now living in other parts of the country, made me realize how imperative it was that I find a group who lived closer. But not just any group. A tribe. Your tribe works with you, not against you. Empowering you to own who you are and encouraging your best.


As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I cannot help but bring a holistic approach to Wellbody Woman. Each person is unique and must treat themselves in this way. Therefore, there cannot be a one-size fits all diet or movement option that works for everyone. And, equally important is an acknowledgement that the needs of the female body evolve over time: entering menstruation, exiting menstruation and everything in between. Meaning this is a journey or practice, like meditation or yoga. You never fully master these 4 pillars because life changes and that’s ok. It just takes a mindset shift to understand that you don’t ever summit the top. Instead you get to a point high enough where there’s a great view for most of the way!


Part of building that tribe is keeping this journey in person as much as humanly possible. This is not, and will never be, a webinar. Its not an online forum. We want to bring you back into this life and use our more tactile and innate senses to connect and bond. Therefore, we utilize social media only enough to stay connected, but being human is where it’s at. Leaving less room for misunderstanding, disconnect and social alienation.


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